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Why SaaS is the Right Choice for the Ride-hailing Business Startups?

Those who think only a unique business model can help them sail through the competition in the online taxi booking landscape are partially wrong. Because a lot of it depends on the technology they use to create a fully-functional business.

Talking about technology, the prominence of Software as a Service (also known as SaaS) model has been growing, as it is devoid of any installation, hardware setup, license acquisition, and maintenance hassles. With the competency and of software providers to host a ride-hailing business software through cloud, getting into a business is as easy as you subscribe for any plan for a monthly or periodic basis.

However, the question still persists as to why SaaS-based taxi solutions and not the fully-fledged hardware-integrated app?

The first and foremost advantage of having a SaaS-based taxi-hailing applies in its price tag. Being a scalable business model, an Uber-like business requires frequent updates. And surely, you don’t want to stress over the perpetual rise in the complexity of the infrastructure, while your business expansion takes a back seat.

Another benefit is to have a software provider on top of your ride hailing app and all keen to update features to help you cut through the narrow passage and move towards achieving riders’ satisfaction.

If you are looking at a cost-efficient and yet a highly-proficient on-demand taxi app, below are some more aspects favoring the SaaS technology for the development of an online taxi-hailing business:

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Keep your Wallets Aside, Payments Can Wait

Let’s imagine the development of an Uber-like app from scratch. Oh wait! Do you have an investment to make for the app you are going to develop? That’s the sole point and a clear black and white difference between a hardware- and SaaS-based taxi hailing software.

With the latter, you have the freedom of paying only the right amount that is incurred based on your utility. Choosing a subscription model, you will be billed only for a number of cars, drivers, and passengers registered on the app, and you can safe pocket the server maintenance cost for the expansion of your business.

Beat your Competitors Faster with a Better Time-to-Market

The configuration of a SaaS-based taxi solution is as easy as preparing a ready-to-eat meal. Both of them can be ready in the least possible time. Since the software provider takes care of the pre-configuration and pre-installation, you can launch your business in no time.

However, there are concerns associated with the SaaS-based app being standard. While this could be the case with new software developer companies, seeking help from an experienced SaaS provider can zoom-in focus on your personalized requests and yet offer the competency to launch your business in just the right time.

You Can Stay Abreast with the Market Demands Even in Your Idle State

While you have a lot of bandwidth to steer your business on the vertical scales, there stands your software provider with a keen eye on the market demand. Since the number of competitors is on the rise, it gets difficult to focus on what they are doing and what resonates well with your riders.

This is when your service provider helps you with the app update, incorporation of advanced features, maintenance, and support. Next, you just need to update your system, which is as easy as updating any other application on your smartphone.

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Be it any feature, extant or advanced, integration to the mobile application is simple. All you need to do is upgrade your business plan. 

Say, for instance, you need to get aboard a number of drivers and vehicles for your business expansion. With a traditional approach, you could have wanted to hire a software developer to develop codes and involve in testing for launching the updated app. 

On the contrary, with a SaaS-based taxi solution, you can scale up your business by just letting your service provider know about your requirements.

:- Out on a Vacation? You Can Still Keep a Hawk-eye on Your Business

SaaS-based taxi-booking applications can help in gaining easy accessibility to the business operations, even while you are away from your workstation. As software availability in the cloud over the Internet offers anytime, anywhere access, business owners can ensure a streamlined business operation from even the most remote location.

Are you Ready to Make a Smart Choice?

These are exciting times to be in the market, as the SaaS model and service-based business models are converging. The race to cater to the rider experience in a better fashion has just got intensified, and the clear winner will be the one who does it at the right time.

That’s when the role of a SaaS-based business model comes at play. With service providers at your disposal, you can have a time-efficient business model with all the customization you need. While having a hardware-intensive business can seem like an obvious choice, the smart choice is to delve into the competition while there’s some room left for a consolidated position.


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